Data Analytics in Lending


Who will be there?

Over 100 data scientists & risk officers from Canadian lenders such as BFS Capital, Lendified, OnDeck, goeasy, RBC, Capital One, Borrowell, and many many more.

Why attend?

Network with founders and CEOs of the largest lenders and fintechs in Canada.

Learn how to build risk models that can thrive in a downturn.




Where to find data and how to use it?

It’s no secret that small businesses are underserved by traditional lenders. This is partially because the majority of SMEs are seeking loans too small for banks to underwrite. New age lenders like BFS Capital have been using data analytics to better understand and service SME needs with tools designed to address this credit gap.

  • Mark Ruddock


    BFS Capital


Risk Modelling a Recession

Many of the leading online lenders have never weathered an economic downturn, meaning many of their adjudication models have never been tested in real world conditions. How are data driven lenders preparing for scenario b, c, and d… while still driving competitive returns? And what are new debt products and services that can capitalize on a recession?

  • Vahan der Kaloussian

    Director Data Analytics

    Capital One

  • Victor Comas

    Chief Analytics Officer

  • Sol Sun

    Manager of Data Science





February 26th, 2020


8:30 am – registration
9:00 am – presentation
9:30 am – panel discussion
10:00 am – coffee and schmooze



2019 Leaders in Lending Awards

Meet the 2019 Top 25 Leaders in Lending

Executives: here

Companies: here

We are now welcoming 2020 Lender of the Year nominations. Innovative Lenders are defined as: Executives and compabies who think outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that help move the overall lending industry forward.

We invite you to nominate an innovative lenders for this award. Award recipients may include:

  • Solution providers servicing the lending community
  • Executives of B2B and B2C lending companies
  • Industry thought-leaders and rainmakers

Additional criteria will encompass some or all of the following three areas (please be as descriptive as possible in each response):

  1. Emerging lending technology solutions or business models that executives helped to advance.
  2. Specific innovative lending strategy or idea conceptualized and/or launched.
  3. Business results or positive outcomes, or expected results, following a successful implementation of the innovative strategy or concept.

We’ll also ask for any additional insights or comments related to the nominee’s qualifications for receiving an Innovative Lenders Award.

To nominate an executive click the NOMINATE link

DEADLINE: October 30th, 2020

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