Canadian Lenders Summit

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Canadian Lenders Association, is proud to present the 3rd Annual Lenders Summit. The Summit continues to focus on tools, policies and fintech solutions that will provide measurable ROI in 2020.

November 20, Toronto @ MaRS Discovery District.

The Summit is a key platform to network with Canadian finance experts, who will showcase how to thrive during periods of uncertainty and exploit new asset classes, geographies and partnerships to better meet market needs and provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.



8:50 am

Setting the Stage

Canadian Lenders Association President and Chair welcomes participants and presents the agenda for the Summit.

  • Kevin Clark


    Canadian Lenders Association

  • Gary Schwartz


    Canadian Lenders Association

9:00 am

Disrupting the Bear & Fighting Popularism

Craig Alexander has worked as a senior economist for over 20 years, leading macro forecasting teams at RBC, CIBC and TD and the C.D. Howe Institute. Craig will discuss Canada’s current economic outlook and how financial institutions can disrupt the global looming bear market.

  • Craig Alexander

    Chief Economist

    Deloitte Canada


Market Turn Readiness

Positive economic momentum is slowing and at some point the pendulum will begin to swing back and alter the economic landscape. How can lenders get ahead of the curve? Are there defensive strategies that can still push the needle on competitive returns?

  • Paul Sy

    Head of Market Planning


  • Neil Wechsler


    OnDeck Canada

  • Jason Appel

    EVP & CRO


10:00 am

Unlocking Deal Value Through Analytics

We dive into data challenges faced on both ends of a live transaction. How can taking an analytics first approach better serve equity or debt raises. And what is the future of big data in transactions?

  • Dina Marques

    Partner & Analytic Insights Leader

    Deloitte Canada

  • Mark Usher

    Managing Director & North American Market Leader

    CIBC Innovation Banking

  • Randy Rutherford

    Co-Founder & Director

    ClearFlow Commercial Finance

10:30 am

Networking Break

15 minute coffee and shmooze sponsored by Repay

  • Repay

10:45 am

Understanding the Borrower Journey

This two part keynote presentation will study both ends of the borrower journey – KYC & Funding.

First: Greg Wolfond will explain how KYC is enabling all of Canada’s banks to do lightning fast verification and save on AML.

Second: Susan Perlmutter discusses how lenders can create an omni channel payment experience for borrowers and get funded instantly.

  • Greg Wolfond

    Chairman & CEO

    SecureKey Technologies Inc

  • Susan Perlmutter

    Chief Revenue Officer


11:30 am

Lunch & Networking

Lunch and networking break brought to you by goeasy.

  • goeasy

12:30 pm

Alternative Credit Funds in Fintech

As the Canadian fintech lending industry has grown over the past decade, aggregators of capital have evolved to serve the needs of originators at varying stages of their evolution. While large institutions have readily backed large originators (primarily in the US & UK) using senior credit facilities and securitizations, a growing number of small funds that invest in alternative credit (<$100M in assets) have proliferated and helped to serve the needs of smaller originators. At the same time, these small funds have given retail & high net worth investors access to attractive yields that are largely uncorrelated with stock & bond markets. This panel consists of three leading Canadian alternative credit funds that are actively investing in the space – the Merchant Opportunities Fund, Cypress Hills Partners, and Kilgour Williams Capital. Together we will explore recent trends, what credit funds look for in an originator, how deals are structured, how they raise money and what differentiates their offerings, among other important topics.

  • David Gens

    Founder, Chairman & CEO

    Merchant Growth

  • Kelly Klatik

    Managing Partner

    Cypress Hills Partners

  • Colin Kilgour


    Kilgour Williams Group

  • Garron Helman



1:00 pm

Preparing for Growth

We take a look at the tools that lenders need in order to scale their businesses – big data, growth capital, and analytic insights.

  • Kevin Westfall


    Accord Financial

  • Kevin Clark



  • Wayne Pommen

    President & CEO


1:30 pm

Engaging with Government

  • Jess Weiser

    VP, Government Relations


  • Sabrina Anzini

    SVP, Legal & Corporate Affairs


3:00 pm

Networking Break

15 minute coffee and shmooze sponsored by Blakes

  • Blakes

3:15 pm

Awards Ceremony

Winners of the 2019 Canadian Lenders Awards will be announced.

3:45 pm

Networking Reception

Cocktail reception brought to you by Flinks.

  • Flinks



Nov. 20, 2019


8:30am – 4pm


MaRS Discovery District
101 College St, Toronto, ON M5G 1L7

2019 Innovative Lender Awards

Congratulations to Eva Wong and Andrew Graham for winning the 2018 LEADER OF THE YEAR leadership award.  The Tiffany & Co. crystal award was presented on Nov 21st at the Lenders Summit.

We are now welcoming 2019 Innovative Lender of the Year nominations. Innovative Lenders are defined as: Executives and thought leaders who think outside the box to develop and foster innovative concepts and strategies that help move the overall lending industry forward.

We invite you to nominate an innovative lenders for this award. Award recipients may include:

  • Solution providers servicing the lending community
  • Executives of B2B and B2C lending companies
  • Industry thought-leaders and rainmakers

Additional criteria will encompass some or all of the following three areas (please be as descriptive as possible in each response):

  1. Emerging lending technology solutions or business models that executives helped to advance.
  2. Specific innovative lending strategy or idea conceptualized and/or launched.
  3. Business results or positive outcomes, or expected results, following a successful implementation of the innovative strategy or concept.

We’ll also ask for any additional insights or comments related to the nominee’s qualifications for receiving an Innovative Lenders Award.

To nominate an executive click the NOMINATE link

Nominate for Award